Rihanna? Rhyanna? Rhiannon!

My name is Rhiannon Young.

So no, not like the singer; and yes, I do get that a lot.

Often I’ll repeat my name upwards of three times before someone picks up what I’m putting down.  That’s not to say I’m too worried if you get it wrong, my manager of five years still hasn’t got the gist!

I like my name just fine, besides the obvious childhood trauma of (dun dun DUNNN…) personalised keychains, of course. Settling with the ‘Diva!’ or ‘Funky Chick’ options  available at the local news-agency didn’t quite help to sooth my eight year-old heart.

Anyway! Enough about my name and more about…me!


I am 19 years old and have just began studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies. I love to travel, and took an incredible gap year in 2015 to explore the wonders of Europe. Some of my other less exciting hobbies include: reading crime fiction, swimming and socialising- I do love to chat, as my blog name suggests!

I’m really looking forward to meeting some fellow BCMS students, and stalking a few of these blogs!

Until then,





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