Acing BCM110- Just 3 easy steps!

Just kidding…I’m a sucker for hook-lines.

To be truthful I, and hopefully I’m not alone here, have no real clue where this subject-or degree- will take me.

  • Will I hate it? Probably not.
  • Could it unleash a new passion, changing my career path forever? Maybe!
  • Will someone bring cookies next lecture? Man, I hope so.

All I know for sure is I can’t wait to find out.

giphy 2

As I reflect on my past I can see that media as a profession was always for me…

Rewind eleven years and there’s little Rhiannon, reading a newspaper at the city library, surrounded almost entirely by the over 50’s. A gentleman leans over the lounge chair next to me- “Are you practicing your words darling?”

“Well, I’m reading about the Middle Eastern conflict actually, they’re doing well to evacuate so many Australian’s given the situation.”

No joke, I was EIGHT. I just happened to be a well informed and slightly obnoxious eight!

I can’t say for sure where I want to be in five years. In an industry that’s forever changing I don’t want to be stagnant. Currently my strongest pull is towards reporting, and it’s a dream of mine to become an international correspondent.

For now, no matter where I end up, I’m excited to be at the start of a long adventure.



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